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The Best Nespresso Coffee Machines for 2021

Top Nespresso Machines for Stay-at-Home Workers & Coffee Lovers in 2021

In a year where unprecedented numbers of us stayed at home, searches for the best Nespresso coffee machines skyrocketed as people look for easy-to-use and simple coffee machines, that give a better cup of coffee than a normal instant coffee. Whether you’re looking for the “cheapest good” option or “the one with all the bells and whistles” we have you covered – let’s take a look at which Nespresso coffee machine in 2021 is the right one for you.

The Best Nespresso Coffee Machines for You in 2021

There is no such thing as the perfect coffee machine, but there is such a thing as the one that suits you the best. Some people really enjoy milk-based coffee, while others only care about getting that perfect shot of espresso consistently, every single time. Some people enjoy different types of capsules for a longer coffee, and others prioritise having a small machine to fit on a kitchen counter-top. Nespresso coffee machines can also range in price massively from under £70 / $100 to over £400 / $550.

For this reason, now is a good opportunity to explain some of the basics for Nespresso coffee machines:

  • Almost all Nespresso coffee machines (Original Line) have the same default extraction settings for your coffee. Basically, no matter what machine you buy, Nespresso want to make sure the same capsule produces an espresso exactly the same way across different machines, so that if you changed your machine the base flavour of your coffee won’t change. Useful to know!
  • There are two types of Nespresso machine. The Original Line takes the original or what we consider (at time of writing) ‘normal’ coffee capsules, like the luxurious Creatista range, the compact Essenza machines or the smart and sleek CitiZ coffee machines. The newer VertuoLine coffee machines take a larger coffee capsule, and extract your coffee using a centrifugal process that gives you a larger crema. The best example of this second type is the Vertuo and VertuoPlus coffee machine range.
  • There are then also Nespresso alternatives, some of which use different capsules. If you’d prefer to explore these options, we have a recommendation for you further down this page as well, never fear! 🙂 Many of these won’t have been in the coffee machine business for as long, but have their own interesting takes on drinks like adding flavours (less authentic, but just as tasty!) which may appeal to your taste.

WhichNespresso OriginalLine vs VertuoLine Comparison

Armed with this information, it should be a lot easier to spot which of our machines below is likely to appeal to you the most! Let’s crack on and show you what we think are the best Nespresso coffee machines heading into 2021.

The Best Nespresso Machine for Lattes: Creatista Plus

For milk-based coffee lovers that put time and effort into their coffee and want to mimic the results from their favourite coffee shop, the Creatista Plus is the must-have machine.

Manufactured by Sage, the Creatista Plus comes with an automatic steam wand, allowing you to froth your milk perfectly to pair with your Nespresso coffee capsule. You can choose a large number of different frothing options (8, in case you were wondering) at 11 different temperatures, so you can even perfect your froth to practice your latte art on if you so desire.

The main differences between the entry level Creatista model and the more advanced Creatista Plus are:

  • The Creatista Plus is made of stainless steel alloy while the regular Creatista is a plastic and metal hybrid
  • There are 4 milk texture levels and 5 temperature settings on the Creatista, whereas on the Creatista Plus you get 8 milk texture levels and 11 temperature settings
  • The Creatista Plus heats up faster, at 3 seconds instead of 10 seconds

The Creatista range really pushed the boundaries on Nespresso’s premium offering, and for milk based coffee lovers this will absolutely be the top pick heading into 2021.

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine

Nespresso Creatista Plus


The Best Budget Nespresso Machine: Essenza Mini

The Nespresso Essenza Mini focuses on the core of your cup of coffee, and little else: the espresso shot. It nails the perfect espresso from your coffee capsule, every single time. For people who are looking for a good, consistent budget option, look no further than the Essenza Mini. It is compact and sits nicely on a kitchen surface without taking up too much space, and is sufficiently small that you could easily have it on a shelf in your office, for example!

This no-nonsense but dependable Nespresso coffee machine starts from under £100/ $140, and is perfect for the person who wants a pick-me-up before they leave home, or simply needs a decent shot of espresso in the morning prior to beginning their work day.

You can change the level of the base to accommodate different sized cups, there is programmable water amount control and space to discord up to 5 or 6 used coffee capsules before needing to empty the rear tray.

For those who are looking for a consistent high quality Nespresso coffee machine on a budget, or simply prefers focusing on a good cup of espresso, this is our pick of the lot.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine

WhichNespresso: Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine


Best Nespresso Machine for Long Coffee: Nespresso VertuoPlus

Rather than an espresso or a lungo sized coffee, if you prefer a longer drink and measure your coffee in full mugs’ worth, the Nespresso VertuoPlus will likely suit you best.

As mentioned in our introductory section, the VertuoPlus has different capsules to the original Nespresso machines. The coffee extraction process is different because of this – using a centrifugal extraction method – and this in turn allows long coffees to be brewed. This means that instead of topping up your coffee with hot water, or using multiple capsules to make a larger mug of coffee, the VertuoPlus has you happy from the get-go.

Instead of espresso-based sizing alone, you have Alto (414ml), Mug (230ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Double Espresso (80ml) and Espresso (40ml) sizes at your fingertips. If you use the regular Vertuo machine instead of the VertuoPlus, then Double Espresso is omitted, so if you wanted one of those you’d have to hit Single Espresso twice instead. You can see our full review of the Nespresso Vertuo and VertuoPlus here.

A cool feature of the Nespresso VertuoLine range of machines is that the edges of each capsule actually form a barcode, allowing your machine to read exactly what capsule is being put inside so that it can spin you (centrifugal extraction method, remember!) the perfect cup of coffee.

For those who prefer longer drinks, the Nespresso VertuoPlus is undoubtedly our favourite going into 2021. It is also worth noting that it can be paired with an Aeroccino machine, so that if you want a longer coffee but also like frothy milk, you don’t have to choose between them – you can have both!

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine

WhichNespresso: Nespresso Vertuo Plus


The Best Nespresso Alternative: Nescafe Dolce Gusto

If you are a big fan of flavoured coffees and enjoy the sweeter side of things, or simply enjoy a coffee but don’t take it super seriously, then a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine might actually be right up your street.

More popular in the UK than US (although there are plenty of options available through Amazon, take a look through the link below and have a browse), there are all sorts of flavours you can choose from. The Dolce Gusto is even compatible with various pods for both teas and hot chocolate!

Through a partnership with Starbucks, Dolce Gusto machines also offer Starbucks coffee beans and various menu items that you can recreate from home. So for a ‘fun’ machine that isn’t purely about coffee, we quite enjoyed checking out all the different options available via the Dolce Gusto.

The design is also quite unique – very futuristic, almost reminiscent of an egg chair (or Eve from Wall-E, anyone?). The Dolce Gusto Jovia in particular has our eye in the UK, although various options also exist in both the UK & US to suit the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

WhichNespresso Nescafe Dolce Gusto


If you’d like to have a browse of all the different Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules that are compatible with the machine, have a peek at the range through the link below to help decide if this is the right choice for you.

WhichNespresso Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flavours


Things to Consider when Choosing Your Nespresso Coffee Machine

There are many different types of Nespresso coffee machines (and indeed, alternatives!) but which machine you choose can end up being reasonably straightforward. Depending on your preferences below, you can almost always narrow down your options to 1-3 machines at the most:

  • Milk-based coffee? If you prefer frothing your own milk, or having lattes instead of espressos, this instantly narrows down a lot of the Nespresso range to the higher-end (but also very tasty!) milk based machines such as the Nespresso Creatista Plus. If you don’t care for milk-based coffee and simply want a consistent, good espresso, then something like the Essenza Mini may be right up your street.
  • Custom / Personalised coffee? Some of Nespresso’s range can help remember your exact milk, water and extraction options, if you like your coffee a specific way and don’t want to change any manual controls. While these usually cost more, it also makes getting your consistent, perfect coffee a lot easier!
  • Manual milk frother? In addition to whether you like milk, you should decide if you want to be able to froth your milk yourself and have a chance to create your own latte art. If this isn’t necessary you can simply buy an Aeroccino to go with many of the base Nespresso machines. However, if you want a steam wand to create everything by hand yourself, you’ll want something like the Creatista range.
  • How big are your coffees? Many Nespresso machines cater to smaller coffee sizes, around the espresso and double espresso / lungo range. If you enjoy a longer coffee on a single capsule, we’d highly recommend a machine like the Nespresso VertuoPlus machine which gives you up to a 414ml size of coffee.
  • Do you enjoy the lighter side of coffee? While we don’t normally go out of our way to talk about Nespresso alternatives, the Nescafe Dolce Gusto is compatible with so many mods that they even include teas and hot chocolate – this could be a versatile option if you take your coffee a little less seriously and prefer a wide variety of flavours and options.

We hope this has been a useful guide to finding which coffee machine is perfect for you in 2021 – be well, stay safe, enjoy your coffee and have an excellent year! 🙂

Nespresso Black Friday Deals 2019: The Best Nespresso Coffee Machine Deals

The Best Nespresso Black Friday Deals

Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday the 28th of November, and that means Black Friday and great sales deals!

Black Friday lands this year on the 29th of November and coffee fans will not be disappointed. Nespresso have gone to some lengths to discount some of their newer machines as well as their classic range as well. Here are the best Black Friday deals of 2019. Whether you’re looking for a bargain now or planning to shop for an early Christmas present, these excellent deals below should stand you in good stead!

Nespresso Vertuo Machines on Great Offer for Black Friday

Both in the US and Europe, the newest Vertuo Line machines from Nespresso are heavily discounted for Black Friday. The Vertuo Line coffee capsules are the semi-circular capsules that spin for additional crema in the coffee, and have a slightly different flavour profile compared to the Original Line capsules. You can read more about the difference between Original Line and Vertuo Line.

You can get a Nespresso VertuoLine machine, possibly a VertuoPlus as well in some colours, for around half price during the Black Friday sale. Check these out below:

Nespresso Vertuo Plus
Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Black Friday Deals on Nespresso Original Line Machines

As well as heavily pushing the new Vertuo Line machines, Nespresso have discounted their older classic machines as well. These are proving to be extremely dependable and consistent in terms of coffee flavour output, so have continued to be very popular with coffee lovers all over the world despite the newer machine range being released.

The original Nespresso Inissia, one of the coffee machines that forms the bedrock of Nespresso’s range, is heavily discounted and consistently dispenses great quality coffee at a 19 bar pressure. For those who want a quick espresso or longer black coffee in the morning, this would be the perfect buy.

Alongside the Inissia, the Essenza is also discounted which is Nespresso’s most basic entry level machine. It is not quite as heavily discounted, but has an even smaller profile. This means that people who like having a coffee machine right there on their desk may prefer the Essenza. Check them out below.

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine
Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine
Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine

Both of these smaller Nespresso machines are on sale this holiday season, meaning you will get a great deal for Black Friday or Christmas! However, it is not just the basic espresso machines that have been given the discount treatment. If you prefer milk based coffee, you’ll enjoy the great deal on the Latissima machines below!

Black Friday & Christmas Deals for the Nespresso Lattissima Touch

We’ve already seen some of the new machines (Vertuo Line) and classic machines (Essenza & Inissia) discounted by Nespresso, but so far we haven’t talked about any machines more suited to lovers of milk-based coffee. Luckily, they haven’t been forgotten as Nespresso has applied a strong discount to the Lattissima Touch coffee machine this Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Christmas!

Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine
Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine

Discounts of between 30% and 50% are possible here, depending on the specific machine and colour you choose.

The Lattissima Touch is one of the few machines in the Nespresso range that has a large collection of different drinks available at the touch of a button. There are six tactile buttons that allow you to choose a favourite drink: espresso, long black, latte, cappuccino and even simple hot milk are all available, among others. The automatic frother allows you to get a strong foam on top of a cappuccino, for example, which is not possible on a normal Nespresso machine and only possible with manual intervention if you attach an Aeroccino.

Further to this, all of the drinks on the Lattissima Touch can be personalised and memorised, by varying the quantity of milk and of coffee that you put into each cup.

Finally, because coffees of various sizes are possible with the Lattissima series of Nespresso machines, there is a sliding drip tray to take advantage of different sizes of cup / mug, so that your favourite drink can sit and fit comfortably under the dispenser, no matter the size.

Nespresso Lattissima One - Smaller Milk Portion, Still Discounted

Lastly, for some people who prefer not to have more than a glass of milk at a time in the coffee machine, the version of the Lattissima machine range that caters to this is the Lattissima One. It is similar to the Lattissima Touch in most ways, but crucially there is a milk jug in front that specifically caters to a single serving of coffee. Each time you make a coffee, add the amount of milk you’d like to end up in your cup, and the Lattissima One does the rest.

This is perfect for people who perhaps only have one coffee a day or similar, where you don’t want to consistently leave milk inside the Nespresso machine for long periods of time.

Nespresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine
Nespresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine

Nespresso Black Friday and Christmas 2019 Deals - In Conclusion

In summary, the above show the best Nespresso Black Friday deals that are on offer this year. You could pick a machine for Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Christmas given the discounts that are on during this shopping period. We hope they have been useful, and happy shopping!

Other links you might enjoy that are related to this article:

Nespresso Pods Used to Create Recycled Bicycle

Introducing RE:CYCLE

From what was once 300 Nespresso capsules, comes a pretty good looking urban bike

The startup company Vélosophy in Sweden has spent two years developing a strong and stylish bike, made out of recycled Nespresso pods. They worked together with Nespresso to make this happen, and now the first model (although limited edition) is ready to roll off the production lines. The retail cost is €1,290, and we have to admit the bike looks beautiful!

Nespresso Pods Used to Create Recycled Bicycle

Nespresso continues to showcase their commitment to recycling

It has long been a part of Nespresso’s ethos to try and reduce waste and increase recycling. In the past, they’ve teamed up with Victorinox to create a Swiss Army Knife and with Caran D’ache to make recycled ballpoint pens! Despite this, though, most consumers focus on recycling pods directly rather than rushing to buy these separate products en-masse. As more and more products come to market and catch more people’s attention, though, this may well change.

The bike also has a couple of clever features that showcase its origins. The purple colour was chosen to match Nespresso’s own Arpeggio coffee pods. The bell that’s on the bike is tactically in the shape of a coffee pod, and there are some straps at the front so that you can hold your coffee cups.

Vélosophy Nespresso Bicycle

The bicycle weighs in at 15kg, and is made of aluminium from 6061 Nespresso capsules. The basket is made of steam-bended (no, we didn’t realise this was a thing either) oak and looks beautiful on the front.

The biggest engineering challenge was turning the recycled coffee capsules into something strong enough to use for a bicycle frame and meet safety standards. Jimmy Östholm, the brains behind the outfit, said “It was not rocket science in any sense. It just took some time.” Removing impurities and compacting the capsules so that they could become something akin to a bike frame took some time, but ultimately this paid off.

The growing recycling problem

According to a study from Halo, who are a British compostable coffee capsule maker, 56 billion coffee capsules ended up in a landfill last year.

Coffee Capsules in a Landfill

The same study suggests 95% are going to landfill. Nespresso is doing well in this regard, with up to 30% of their capsules being recycled – but I think we all agree that there is a very long way to go. Coffee cups and coffee capsules are a big contributor to single use waste, so anything we can do to help reduce this will be a force for good.

Hopefully we will see more recycled consumer products enter the market soon, and congratulate Vélosophy again on their fantastic product and efforts!

Vélosophy Bicycle

Nespresso Creatista Uno Review

Taking Lattes and Cappuccinos One Step Further: Nespresso Works Wonders with Latest Creatista Uno Machine

Nespresso have come out with a new milk-based coffee machine, the Nespresso Creatista Uno. This adds to Nespresso’s existing lineup of the Creatista Pro and Creatista Plus, which are very much on the more elegant end of the Nespresso coffee machine scale. The Uno, however, comes with a unique selling point that might appeal to quite a lot of coffee drinkers out there.

No doubt many of you will already know about Nespresso coffee machines and capsules, but you will also know that most of their machines are specifically designed for espresso or black coffee (with an Aeroccino add-on for those who want to add milk frothing to an existing machine). The Creatista range of coffee machines takes this one step further by having a proper barista steam wand as part of their machines, letting you have great lattes and cappuccinos as well as excellent black coffee and espressos. However, the Creatista Uno goes one further for those of us who are either rushed for time, or want things to be easier with our milk based drinks. The steam wand froths milk at the touch of a button, and it’s automatic! There is no adjusting knobs to guess how much or little you need to steam your milk, nor is there any worry over how much you should be submerging your wand into your mug. Simply put, the steam wand is hassle-free, and a simple selection of buttons lets you do whatever you want with it!

Nespresso Creatista Uno: The Automatic Steam Wand

The Creatista Uno comes with the usual assortment of coffee options for black coffee, and the build quality of the machine is frankly excellent. This is something we’ve all become accustomed to reviewing Nespresso machines over the years. It looks great on your kitchen counter, and being built by Sage (Europe) and Breville (North America), definitely has a distinct premium feel about it.

Nespresso Creatista Uno

The top of the Creatista Uno is designed to be extremely simple to use. There are three buttons on the left for a small/medium/large espresso drink (black coffee), and on the right you have three more options that dictate how you’d like your milk prepared by the automatic steam wand.

Your steam wand button options are:

  • Milk temperature: high, medium or low
  • Froth amount: high, medium, low
  • Start steaming: press the bottom button on the right hand side to begin steaming your milk automatically

Nespresso Creatista Uno: Automatic Steam Wand
This makes it extremely easy to make different types of milk drink. For example, having yourself a cappuccino, which requires more foam, is now achievable at the touch of a button instead of having to watch over your milk like a hawk while you craft the perfect cup. This is unique in the Nespresso range of machines, and arguably means the Creatista Uno leaps into first place when it comes to those who love milk-based coffee…at least those who want good coffee but with minimal effort!

Nespresso Creatista Uno Coffee Machine
Nespresso Creatista Uno Coffee Machine

Using and Maintaining Your Nespresso Creatista Uno Machine

In terms of coffee, the espresso and black coffee you get from the Creatista Uno is exactly as you’d expect from Nespresso. Because the pressure is both strong and standardised, our favourite capsules came out tasting exactly as they should. Perfect! What really sets the Creatista Uno apart, though, is the milk – so we definitely had to give that a go.

Well, we’re pleased to say that the texture of the milk we made for a latte was almost bang on perfect! When we finished frothing our milk we noticed a couple of larger bubbles on top of the jug, but a quick settle by thumping the jug gently on the kitchen counter sorted that out for us. In mere seconds, we were pouring delicious textured milk into our espresso! We were very pleased with the result. Changing our option to try a frothier cappuccino instead, that also worked exactly as expected – more importantly, at a touch of a button instead of us having to constantly watch the milk!

Nespresso Creatista Uno Coffee Machine Review - Our Verdict

The Pros:

It’s very easy to see the pros of having the Creatista Uno compared to other Nespresso machines, so let’s start with the obvious. This is the only Nespresso coffee machine where you can get milk-based, consistent, delicious coffee drinks at the touch of a button. The results from the steam wand (in our opinion) taste better than from the Aeroccino available as a companion to other models, so we definitely prefer the coffee here. If you would rather just enjoy good frothed milk instead of manually watching to perfect your own steam wand timing each time you make a coffee, the Creatista Uno is in a class of its own.
Nespresso Creatista Uno

The Cons:

The Creatista Pro is a bit more expensive than some of the other Nespresso machines that also make milk based drinks. If you don’t mind less finely frothed milk, a regular Nespresso machine such as the Nespresso CitiZ or Nespresso Inissia coupled with an Aeroccino can achieve a similar effect, although it will take longer and is less convenient.

In our opinion, Nespresso have a new flagship machine when it comes to consistent quality of both coffee and milk, something that previously relied on the user being good with the steam wand being used manually. Not only does the automatic steam wand produce great results, it does them at the touch of a button – so making a coffee then going away to do something else and coming back, is now both possible and easy.

We would still happily recommend the Creatista Plus if your household really enjoys making your milk based coffees by hand. However, for everyone who prefers convenience or values the consistency that you can get every time, we’d overwhelmingly recommend the Creatista Uno, which is an excellent addition to the Nespresso coffee machine range.

You can see the latest deals by taking a look below for the best prices on a brand new Nespresso Creatista Uno coffee machine:

Nespresso Creatista Uno Coffee Machine
Nespresso Creatista Uno Coffee Machine

Seal Pod Reusable Nespresso Capsules Review

Nespresso Capsule Recycling – Going One Step Further

One of the most important talking points of our time is climate change and the methods we use to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. Coffee capsules / coffee pods are no exception and have increasingly come under scrutiny. With Nespresso, you get simplicity and also achieve a very consistent taste in your coffee – but it will be no surprise to many when we say that convenience often comes at a cost.

Nespresso once said they reached a “75% recycling capacity commitment” in a press release during September 2012. However, their commitment was to increase their capacity – this means they have the ability to recycle 75% of Nespresso coffee capsules. In reality, this is unlikely to happen – users have to return their Nespresso capsules at dedicated service centres, and this number requires the vast majority if not all Nespresso users to do this.

This means that a lot of Nespresso capsules get put in the trash, and end up in landfill. These capsules are made out of aluminium, which are far more energy intensive to make than steel, for example. Even though each capsule is small, the millions consumed each year inevitably add up. So what’s the solution – or, in today’s society, what’s the solution that we can adopt easily?

Enter Seal Pod.

Nespresso SealPod

Reusable Nespresso Capsules

Seal Pod is a reusable capsule system for Nespresso Originaline. Incidentally, they also make a product compatible with Dolce Gusto capsules – even non-Nespresso drinkers can take advantage of their products with other lines of capsule coffee.

Costing approximately the same as a pack of variety Nespresso capsules, Seal Pod gives you a set of stainless steel capsules to use instead, which can last for thousands of cups of coffee. In their own words, their capsules last even longer than the Nespresso machines themselves (although we don’t know how they tested this, and we certainly couldn’t drink enough to replicate the experiment anyway!). Seal Pod capsules:

  • Save you money in the long term as it’s cheaper to refill them than continuously buy new Nespresso coffee capsules, as well as
  • Save the environment because you are no longer throwing away the aluminium coffee capsules you were before.

How Seal Pod Works with Nespresso

First of all, a note on compatibility – Seal Pod works with most Nespresso OriginalLine machines. This includes (note this list also includes some discontinued models):

  • Essenza (including Essenza Krups & Essenza Mini)
  • U
  • Umilk
  • CitiZ (including CitiZ & Milk)
  • Inissia
  • Pixie
  • Maestria and Gran Maestria
  • Creatista Plus
  • Lattissima and Lattissima Plus
  • Concept
  • Le Cube
  • Prodigio

As we are refilling our own pods rather than using ready made ones, a little bit more work is required! So here’s what we do:

Fill the Seal Pod capsule with the supplied scoop, and then tamp the coffee down with the base of the spoon. Before using a Seal Pod sticker to seal the lid, use the handle on your scoop to wipe away any coffee grinds that might be on the capsule rim. That will ensure a good seal.

You can then use the Seal Pod the same way as you would a normal Nespresso capsule, while minimising your plastic waste!

When grinding your beans, we recommend you use a proper burr grinder (you can get cheaper grind-at-home ones as well, for example the DeLonghi KG79 grinder is a great inexpensive burr grinder if you’re just starting out!) to avoid unevenly heating your beans, which is what blade grinders tend to do. Also, there’s more coffee dust with blade grinders which makes sealing your Seal Pods more challenging.

Sealpod Nespresso Capsules
Sealpod Nespresso Capsules

DeLonghi KG79 Grinder
DeLonghi KG79 Grinder

You now have all the equipment you need to use your own choice of ground coffee in your Nespresso machines, while being kinder to the planet as well. Great!

One last note on compatibility: if you’re not sure whether your machine is compatible or it wasn’t listed above, take note of the following.

  • Brew a normal cup of coffee using a Nespresso disposable capsule. Take a look at the bottom of the spent capsule – if it has 3 pierced holes from the blade plate, then generally speaking your machine should be compatible with Seal Pod. If you only see one pierced hole, then your machine is not compatible!
  • Seal Pod is not compatible with VirtuoLine machines, only OriginalLine.
  • If you would like to be 100% sure, you can contact Seal Pod and ask them directly.

Our Experience Using Seal Pod with Nespresso Coffee Machines

One of the first things we noticed is that Seal Pods are slightly shorter than Nespresso coffee capsules. This is normal, because the design ensures the machine piercing blade (that punches holes in normal Nespresso capsules) never touches the Seal Pod. This also means that your machine will not be damaged by use with a Seal Pod, which is good to know.

Seal Pod Blade

Using the Seal Pod takes a little getting used to – tamping the coffee and making sure there are no grinds on the rim of our Seal Pod took a couple of tries, but it was very straightforward and easily mastered with practice. The bonus, of course, is that we could now choose any coffee we wanted when we used our home grinder together with the Seal Pod! Make sure to get an ultra-fine grind on your coffee since the brewing process is quite quick with Nespresso coffee machines.

Seal Pod Nespresso Compatible Capsules - Our Verdict

Seal Pod Nespresso Capsules

Even though Nespresso have an excellent range of in-house flavours, being able to choose single-origin coffees from elsewhere and new blends from our favourite coffee shop was great. When added to the fact that we were helping to reduce waste as well, it really made our experience with Seal Pod that much more enjoyable. Even though we like Nespresso’s normal flavours, we would highly recommend Seal Pod!

Sealpod Nespresso Capsules
Sealpod Nespresso Capsules

DeLonghi KG79 Grinder
DeLonghi KG79 Grinder

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