Nespresso Dulsao do Brasil Coffee Pod Capsules

Nespresso Dulsão Do Brazil Capsule

Sweet and Smooth: A pure Brazilian Arabica, Dulsão do Brasil is a blend of red and yellow Bourbon coffees. Separate roasting of the beans ensures roundness and balance while revealing sweet notes of honey and malt.
Intensity: 4 out of 10
Size of Cup: 40ml
Aromatic Profile: Honey
Origin: Delicate and distinguished, the red and yellow Bourbons coffees come from the high altitude plantations of southern Brazil. Hand-picked, the beans are dried in the sun with their mucilage, the nourishing pulp that surrounds it, to add more sweetness to the coffee.
Roasting: Some of the coffee is lightly roasted to bring out its sweet notes whilst the remaining part undergoes a longer roast to balance the blend.
Aromatic Profile: Sweet notes of honey and maple syrup dominate, on a base of malted cereal.

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