Best 2019 Nespresso Coffee Machine Deals

2019 Discounts and Deals on Nespresso Coffee Machines

Happy New Year one and all from Which Nespresso! As we move into 2019 and the memories of the holiday season begin to subside, we look ahead to a new year and new challenges. January brings a couple of predictable things: an increase in sign-ups at the gym (we all know it!), lots of new years resolutions…and great shopping deals as well! Today we take a look at some of the neat discounts that might be available if you’re looking to pick up a discounted start of 2019 Nespresso coffee machine.

Editor’s note: This post was written in the first week of January, 2019 – and while all prices below are accurate at the time, it’s probable that they will change, so please click through and check prices before you buy. We will write in the article below what the prices are at time of writing so you can compare knowledgeably. Also, please note that this list isn’t exhaustive, but we have picked the very best deals on offer to show you rather than list them all. Hopefully this saves you time, and gets you to a beautiful new coffee machine for your home or office more effectively! šŸ™‚

Best 2019 Nespresso Coffee Machine Deals

Nespresso Coffee Machines on Amazon Prime

Currently, some of the best deals when combined with shipping are available on Amazon. As many Nespresso coffee machines (especially the larger ones) are somewhat bulky and weigh at least a few kilos, shipping from traditional retailers can be expensive unless you live next to a store. Every machine we have looked at for a deal below is not only discounted at the moment, but also available on Amazon Prime for free delivery at no extra cost.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best 2019 Nespresso coffee machine deals, discounts and offers!

Nespresso Vertuo – Nespresso’s Newest Machine Range Heavy Discounted in January 2019

The new Nespresso Vertuoline capsules are being pushed hard by Nespresso at the moment. These are larger capsules that come in a variety of sizes, producing cups of coffee larger than the traditional / original (called Originaline by Nespresso) capsules. These were mainly made to respond to the American market where larger coffees are common, but anyone who prefers a coffee larger than a Lungo would be wise to take this opportunity to grab a great new coffee maker!

The Nespresso Vertuo is now on sale in the US with an Aeroccino milk frother as well, at the price of US$179.95, down from US$249.95. That’s nearly 40% off!

In the UK, the offer is even better – while not coming with an Aeroccino specifically, the Nespresso Vertuo machine itself is on sale for a ridiculous Ā£90.00, down from Ā£199.95 – over 50% off! You can also get the bundle deal if you like, by clicking “Bundle” on the page, which allows you to add an Aeroccino as well. However, the highest percentage savings in the UK seem to come from the machine itself without the Aeroccino add-on.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine
Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine Deal January 2019

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk – Classic and Reliable OriginaLine Machine Deals

If you remember from our original Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine review (link:, we have always liked the early 1900’s urban design that inspired the CitiZ range of machines. The CitiZ has always been a strong seller for Nespresso as a good looking, reliable option for the home or office – and has some decent discounts coming into 2019! Let’s take a look.

In the US, the CitiZ & Milk machine by DeLonghi in a sleek black is heavily discounted from US$299 all the way down to US$142.99 – that’s better than half price! It’s likely that this deal (or at least, at this price point) won’t last for too long, so if you’ve been hovering over getting a Nespresso OriginaLine machine for a while now, now is a good time to act!

In the UK, the Cherry Red model of the CitiZ & Milk machine by Krups is discounted to Ā£150.00 from Ā£209.99. While not as impressive as the American offer, this is still really good, and we might not see a price like this for a CitiZ & Milk (remember this includes the milk frother etc. as well) for a while.

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Coffee Machine
Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Coffee Machine Deal January 2019

Nespresso Creatista Plus – A Jewel in Nespresso’s Crown, On Offer!

Nespresso’s Creatista range is one of the leading ranges of all machines that they do. This beautiful and no-nonsense machine is one of the only ones that also comes with a steam wand, so that you can even froth your own milk and create your own latte art (a step up from an Aeroccino and a more authentic coffee experience!). This is arguably one of the jewels in Nespresso’s crown, and we really recommend it. It’s possible that this is our all-round favourite coffee machine at time of writing from Nespresso.

This time, the UK deal saves more money than the US deal! The Creatista Plus in beautiful silver by Sage, is discounted to Ā£329.00 from Ā£449.95, saving over Ā£130 if you buy one quickly. The US also has a machine that is now sitting at $499.95, this one made by the reliable Breville. We have seen these previously on sale for about $600, so this could still represent a reasonable saving if you’re looking for more of a top-of-the-range Nespresso coffee machine!

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine
Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine Deal January 2019

Nespresso Essenza Mini – Old Favourites on Discount in 2019

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is one of the older models that have a 2019 Nespresso coffee machine deal. Designed to be minimalistic and for the person that wants a no-nonsense espresso drink regularly, it is both a strong performing basic machine and one that is at a great price point too. If you’re looking for a simple coffee machine and you predominantly have black coffee, this may be a quick and easy option for you to consider. It already was, but at a discounted price these are even more of a good deal!

This would also be the best deal if you were looking for a Nespresso coffee machine deal that that was for a portable machine – for example, taking it to events with you.

In the US, the Essenza Mini by DeLonghi is now selling at US$101.69 down from US$149.99, so about 30% off which is rare on the less expensive machines! An offer is also available in the UK, where the Ruby Red version of the Essenza Mini is now selling at Ā£74.99 down from Ā£90.00.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine
Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine Deal January 2019

Best Nespresso Coffee Machine Deals in 2019: The Last Word

January is the season for heavy discounts after Christmas, and these are available all over the place right now – with Nespresso coffee machines right in the middle of the action. However, we’ve shown you four of the best deals that are available on the market at the moment, to get you the absolute maximum value for money possible for your next coffee machine, whether you are using it at home or at work.

Luckily, we picked a few of the best deals and saw that they spanned all the way from the smallest, most minimalist machines (Essenza Mini) through to the newest models (Vertuo) and the top-of-the-range models as well (Creatista Plus). Nespresso seem to have really thought their discounting strategy through quite well, as there’s a deal for any budget and something for all levels of sophistication, however you enjoy your coffee!

We hope you’ve found this guide useful – and once again, have a happy and healthy 2019!

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