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The Best Nespresso Grands Crus Coffee Capsules

Nespresso Coffee Capsules 2017

Back in 2015 we wrote a guide to Nespresso coffee capsules – you can find the old Nespresso coffee capsules guide here. When originally released, there were sixteen varieties of the Nespresso coffee capsule. Recently, eight more Nespresso coffee types have been released, upping your total number of choices to twenty-four. Not sure which are right for you? Here is a Nespresso coffee guide to help you make your choice and get to know these new capsules.

The 24 Nespresso Grands Crus capsules are are split into six ranges:

  • Espresso capsules are the shorter coffees that most people are used to drinking. Just because they are typically ‘short’ coffees does not mean they’re very strong. Some are, but there is a good variation of intensity among these capsules. Most of the coffees that go into this have blended origins.
  • Intenso capsules have split out (previously some of these were in the Espresso category) and contain some of the fuller flavour, more intense Nespresso coffee flavours. These are again typically blended in their origins.
  • Pure Origin capsules have their beans typically sourced from one location. These are very specific in flavour to where the capsules originate from and have a very unique taste.
  • Lungo capsules are especially designed for longer drinks where a larger volume of water is added to the coffee. These have the potential to bring out more complex flavours and allow you to enjoy subtler tastes, without detracting from overall intensity as some of these are still quite strong in flavour.
  • Decaffeinato capsules do what they (almost) says on the tin – some of the great coffees from other categories but with the naturally occurring caffeine taken away. Ideal for those who have poor reactions to caffeine and simply enjoy the taste of coffee.
  • Variation capsules are typically based on the Livanto (Espresso) capsule, but with specific additional flavours to give your coffee that little extra kick of contrasting flavour.

Nespresso Grands Crus Coffee Chart

Below you can find a handy chart of the intensity and flavours of each of the 24 Nespresso Grands Crus capsules. This is a current list for 2016 Nespresso coffee capsules and of course may change in the future. Feel free to look at and download the larger version! You can link directly to the larger Nespresso coffee capsules chart from here.

Nespresso Grands Crus Coffee Chart

Nespresso Espresso Grands Crus Capsules

Capriccio Grand Cru

With this capsule, you will get a strong, grainy cereal note, from one of the most aromatic espressos in the collection. It contains both Arabica and Robusta coffee, but only a bit of the latter. Both are from South America, with the Arabica coffee grown at high altitude to lighten the acidity.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Cereal notes, light acidity

Volluto Grand Cru

Sweeter and nuttier than many of our other Nespresso coffee types, this capsule uses only the very best South American Arabica for a little bit of acidity and fruitiness. A mixture of lightly roasted and pure coffee goes into this Grand Cru, which allows a bit of fruitiness to shine through.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Fruity, sweet & biscuity notes

Livanto Grand Cru

Made of just the very best Arabica from Central and South America, this capsule has a hint of caramel and malt. It has a medium level of roasting to produce a balanced profile.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Cereal, malted & fruity notes

Cosi Grand Cru

For a delightful blend of fruitiness and cereal notes, choose this capsule. Delicate, but intense, it uses Aravicas from all over the world to achieve its unique flavour. The Cosi Grand Cru uses a blend of Costa Rican and Kenyan coffee beans, lighted roasted, to create its unique flavour.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Toasted, cereal, fruity notes

Nespresso Intenso Grands Crus Capsules

Arpeggio Grand Cru

Taking hints from Costa Rican coffee, this capsule offers a strong flavour, with just a touch of chocolate. Both creamy and intense, it is a great choice. Fine grinding combined with very intense roasting is what gives the Arpeggio its taste.


Size of Cup: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Grilled notes, cocoa, woody hints

Roma Grand Cru

The height of luxury, Roma is both sweet and aromatic, lingering on the palate long after the last sip. A lighter roast than many of the other options, it still has the intensity you expect from Nespresso. The Arabicas from Central America that are used in this blend are specifically of the high altitude variety, which brings more subtle flavours to the aromatic profile.


Size of Cup: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Roasted & woody notes

Ristretto Grand Cru

Combining the best of Eastern African and South American Arabicas, this espresso is both intense and fruity, with a fully body. Both South American and East African Arabica coffees are present in this Grand Cru which gives it a light acidity, in addition to a small amount of Robusta which adds a kick to create a fantastic profile.


Size of Cup: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Roasted notes, chocolate hints

Dharkan Grand Cru

Roasted for much longer than other espresso, over a lower heat, this capsule provides an intense flavour, with a subtle note of cocoa and a slightly nutty flavour that combine to be both silky and sophisticated. There are four different origin coffees present here which contributes to a really strong and complex flavour.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Intense, bitter cocoa powder, toasted cereals

Kazaar Grand Cru

This is a blend of two of the best Robustas on the market, both from South America. Perfect for those who enjoy a bitter espresso, it is both creamy and boasting peppery notes. The Brazilian Robusta that contributes to the Kazaar is sun dried, and the Guatemalan Robusta is washed – so you have the intensity of flavour but without some of the harshness that you might otherwise expect from a Robusta.


Size of Cup: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Rich, roasted, peppery notes, creamy

Pure Origin Grands Crus Capsules

Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru

Made from Arabicas derived from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, this blend is slightly musky, with a hint of wood. The Sidama beans are gently washed and dried in the sun before roasting. These are mixed with a western Ethiopian bean which is unwashed and naturally processed.


Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Aromatic Profile: Floral, notes of musk & wood

Indriya from India Grand Cru

Created to embody the very best flavours of Indian coffee, this espresso has a full body and spicy notes that remain on the palette, making it distinct from all other flavours. It uses a combination of an Indian Arabica and Robusta bean to bring a big breadth of flavour. The Arabica is only roasted lightly while the Robusta is intensely roasted, and these combine to form the Indriya Grand Cru.


Size of Cup: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Cocoa, dry plant notes, cloves, pepper, nutmeg

Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru

This blend made only from the very best coffee beans in Colombia, has the acidity and wine notes that are typical of Colombian coffee. The coffee that goes into the Rosabaya are predominantly from smaller coffee farm owners at high altitude.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Blackcurrants, cranberries, redcurrants

Dulsao do Brasil Grand Cru

Smooth and creamy, this capsule has slight cereal notes. It is made only from the very best Bourbon coffee beans that Brazil has to offer. Sun drying to allow the mucilage sugars to adopt the flavour of the bean combined with light roasting means the natural sweetness is maintained.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Lightly toasted grain

Nespresso Lungo Grands Crus Capsules

Linizio Lungo Grand Cru

A blend of the very best of Colombian and Brazilian coffee, this capsule provides a malted note that is common in Brazilian blends, while maintaining the smoothness of Colombia blends.


Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Aromatic Profile: Cereal

Vivalto Lungo Grand Cru

Created to be one of the most balanced blends in the collection, it combines the robustness, smoothness, and intensity of many different regions. Lightly acidic, subtly floral, and slightly bitter, it is a unique flavour.


Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Aromatic Profile: Roasted, woody, cereal, floral notes

Fortissio Lungo Grand Cru

Typical of coffee from the West Indies, this espresso has a rich aromatic profile that is rife with malt and cereal, combined with Latin American coffee beans for an unmatched intensity.


Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Aromatic Profile: Sweet cereal, malty toasted notes

Envivo Lungo Grand Cru

Combining the best green coffees from Mexico and India, this capsule produces an espresso that will wake you up in the morning with its gingerbread notes and full body.


Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Aromatic Profile: Caramelised notes, gingerbread, woody

Nespresso Decaffeinato Grands Crus Capsules

Decaffeinato Arpeggio Grand Cru

This capsule provides you with a decaffeinated version of the traditional Arpeggio capsule. You get all of the same intensity and the same hint of cocoa, without the caffeine.


Size of Cup: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Grilled notes, cocoa, woody hints

Decaffeinato Vivalto Lungo Grand Cru

With all of the same deeply roasted flavour, without any of the caffeine, this capsule is the perfect choice for those who love South American and East African varieties.


Size of Cup: Lungo (110ml)

Aromatic Profile: Roasted, woody, cereal, floral notes

Decaffeinato Intenso Grand Cru

If you still want to be able to enjoy an intense flavour and strong body in a decaffeinated espresso, this is the perfect capsule for you.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Grilled, chocolate notes

Decaffeinato Volluto Grand Cru

Delicate, sweet, acidic, and slightly fruity, this lighter roast still has plenty of flavour, but lacks the caffeine of the original Volluto capsule.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Fruit, sweet & biscuity notes

Nespresso Variation Grands Crus Capsules

Vanilio Grand Cru

For fans of flavoured coffee, look no further than this capsule. Velvety, sweet, and mellow, this espresso has a smooth finish and sophisticated flavour.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Cereal, malted & caramelised notes (vanilla flavour)

Caramelito Grand Cru

This is a sweet, full-flavoured espresso, with delicate caramel flavour and a smooth, creamy finish.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Cereal, malted & caramelised notes (caramel flavour)

Ciocattino Grand Cru

The intense flavour of the espresso blends expertly with the dark bitterness of the chocolate. It results in a rich, full espresso that is neither too bitter nor too sweet.


Size of Cup: Espresso (40ml)

Aromatic Profile: Cereal, malted & caramelised notes (chocolate flavour)

Compared: Nespresso Inissia, U and Pixie Coffee Machines

The increasingly popular Nespresso brand now has more coffee machines than ever, each of them with different features and purposes. However, even though many of these machines are similar they come with their distinctions, pros and cons. Today we look at some of the entry level coffee machines that Nespresso has on offer, and compare the Nespresso Inissia, Nespresso U and Nespresso Pixie coffee machines.

All of these Nespresso coffee machines will ‘do the trick’ for basic but great coffee, and many features are common to all of them. None of them come with an Aeroccino / milk frother as standard, which is an accessory reserved for some of the more advanced machines such as the Latissima Plus.

Nespresso Inissia

The Nespresso Inissia coffee maker is an affordably priced coffee maker found in the region of $100 at time of launch – it is the newest entry level coffee machine by Nespresso. Easy insertion and ejection of capsules comes as standard and you’ll find no corners cut here, with Nespresso’s compact brewing unit technology giving the Inissia a fast preheating time of 25 seconds.

Nespresso Inissia comes with 2 programmable buttons for lungo and espresso preparation. It features a removable 24-ounce water tank with a folding cup tray for different recipe glasses. Finally, you also have the standard used capsule container which will hold between 9 and 11 spent Nespresso coffee capsules.

The Inissia also has an automatic power off function after 9 minutes of inactivity. However, as the most inexpensive model it foregoes a few features: there is no on/off switch (simply plug in and wait for it to be ready), and there’s no LED indicator for when you need to add water to the tank.

This machine, while basic, will do the main job of making a good Nespresso coffee and do it both consistently and well. As an entry level product Nespresso have really done themselves proud here. However, if you are looking for something better and more advanced, we’d suggest you to keep reading.

Nespresso U

The Nespresso U is an alternative to the Inissia for an entry level model. This is a slightly advanced machine that comes with fully automatic piercing, brewing, and ejection of used capsules that give you the ability to retract coffee and stop it from dripping after the coffee is brewed. The U has a slightly higher capacity 27 ounce water tank and has an equally fast 25 second preheat time. The biggest difference here is that the Nespresso U caters for larger cup sizes as well, featuring 3 coffee sizes (espresso, ristretto and lungo). The Nespresso U also features a magnetic drip tray in order to hold larger milk recipes.

A slightly larger 12-capsule empty tank is bolstered by a nice light indicator that tells you when the empty capsule tray is full, or that more water needs to be added to the coffee machine.

The Nespresso U can deliver a wider variety of coffees and it is more suitable for slightly advanced users. Experimentation with sizes of coffee cup and the potential addition of milk (but note this doesn’t come as standard) are what’s most attractive about the U.

Nespresso Pixie

The Nespresso Pixie is broadly similar to the Nespresso U – there are the same fast heat times, automatic off functions and both have a convenient drip tray (although the Pixie’s folds up while the U’s is entirely removable). The main differences are in size, modularity and aesthetics.

The Pixie is slightly smaller than the U and was designed for space saving in the kitchen. As a result you’ll need to refill the water reservoir just a little bit more often, and the spent capsule tray has a little less space (a maximum of about 10 used capsules of storage in the Pixie versus the 12 used capsules of storage in the U).

In terms of expansion and potential to grow, the Pixie falls a little short of the U. The Nespresso U is built with possible expansion into the U Milk, allowing for milk based coffees as well and three different coffee cup sizes. The Nespresso Pixie only comes with two sizes as standard and while it’s possible to use an Aeroccino Plus unit with it, the Pixie isn’t naturally designed to be as easily compatible as the U. However, if milk based coffees aren’t your thing then this won’t be that bad for you.

Finally, there’s style and colour. The Nespresso Pixie has Pixie Clips which allow you to take off and put on a wide variety of coloured sides to your coffee machine designed to suit whatever style of kitchen the machine gets placed in. While both the Nespresso Inissia and Nespresso U have options for colours, they are nowhere near as close as the Pixie as you could end up with potentially endless designs to suit a single coffee machine.

Nespresso Pixie Clips

Nespresso Pixie Clips


In conclusion, all three coffee machines by Nespresso would do an excellent job at entry level, but there are a few useful pointers that you can take away if you had to decide between them:

  • For milk based coffee lovers, the Nespresso U is a good bet because of the modular add-on to make it the U Milk for lattes, cappuccinos and so forth.
  • The Nespresso Pixie is by far the most customisable machine in terms of look at feel thanks to Nespresso’s creative Pixie Clips, allowing you to adapt the coffee machine to any kitchen.
  • The Nespresso Inissia is perfect if you want simple, uncomplicated Nespresso coffee and prefer straight coffee to milk-based drinks. If these are your only priorities it is the cheapest option of the three.

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine

Nespresso Moves into the World of Connected Coffee Machines

Nespresso are now venturing into the world of connected devices with the new Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine. This is a smart coffee machine that lets you use an app on your phone to determine when you’d like a coffee! If you’re looking for the smartest coffee machine on the market, this is the one you want at entry level without a doubt.

Smart Coffee Machine – Bluetooth Connectivity

The Nespresso Prodigio is a Bluetooth coffee machine that uses the same capsule technology brew you an espresso, but is connected to the internet, so you can brew yourself a cup of coffee without even having to get out of bed. If you have a smartphone and this connected coffee machine, you have wireless control over your Nespresso.

The Prodigio makes it possible for you to brew yourself a cup, schedule a brew for later in the day (or to coincide with your morning alarm), and even check on whether or not your machine needs maintenance or a cleaning. It gives you almost complete control over your smart coffee machine, without having to be anywhere near that coffee machine (except to actually grab your espresso).

Why Buy a Connected Coffee Machine?

How effortless this Nespresso machine is depends on your circumstances, but this is a very welcome and useful function. Take, for example, the following situation: you know that you are going to want an espresso when you get out of the shower, but you do not want to go downstairs to set your machine. With the Nespresso Prodigio, all you have to do is grab your smartphone off of your nightstand and schedule yourself a brew.

You will get the same high quality espresso you have come to expect from the Nespresso line, without any hassle. Most other machines with the same features are significantly more expensive. This machine is designed to be an affordable version for a great smart coffee machine. The connectivity features will also help you keep your machine in better condition and help ensure that you never run out of capsules.

Should I Buy the Nespresso Prodigio or Prodigio & Milk?

There are essentially two different versions of this connect coffee machine, the Prodigio and the Prodigio & Milk, which allows you to make a wider variety of drinks, including macchiatos and cappuccinos. The Prodigio & Milk comes with an Aeroccino unit which allows you to make milk-based coffees. The Aeroccino unit is also available as a standalone extra for other Nespresso machines, called the Aeroccino Plus – and is designed to be used with a number of the machines available in the range. However, in more recent times because of popularity, the Prodigio & Milk has become the standard, so you will tend to see the combination available for purchase rather than just the Prodigio unit itself.

We highly recommend using the Nespresso Prodigio as a brilliant connected coffee machine if you would find scheduling your brew to be particularly useful!

KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso : Design Meets Taste

Premium Nespresso Coffee Machine by KitchenAid

Nespresso and KitchenAid have partnered to produce a coffee machine specifically for Nespresso showcasing the design and flair of KitchenAid products. KitchenAid are a home appliance brand that specialise in kitchen equipment, so it’s interesting to see that they have invested in making a Nespresso machine.

Unlike other manufacturers such as Krups and MagiMix, at present KitchenAid have only focused on producing the one Nespresso machine, positioning it as a premium product with KitchenAid quality and experience behind it. It is named “KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso” and was available in two colours initially: Candy Apple Red and Onyx Black. The range of colours has now expanded to include Almond Cream, Medallion Silver, Empire Red (which is darker than Candy Apple Red) and Frosted Pearl. A photo showing the colour options is below.

KitchenAid Nespresso Artisan Coffee Machine Colours

KitchenAid Nespresso: The Premium Touch for High-End Kitchens

The KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso coffee machine comes with a hefty price tag, but is definitely on the high end of the scale when it comes to Nespresso coffee machines. Most people’s experiences of other KitchenAid appliances are very favourable, and what you are paying for in this instance is the fully metal finish to the coffee machine as well as the sleek lines and design elements which blend in with other high end KitchenAid products.

KitchenAid Nespresso Aeroccino

From a technical Nespresso point of view, the coffee making process itself is the same as some of the cheaper models like the Nespresso U or the Nespresso Inissia, but these machines won’t carry the premium finish that the KitchenAid model does. The KitchenAid Nespresso can be expected to be at home in a kitchen where the best products are on display, and the user fancies high quality in the appliances they buy.

You can also combine the KitchenAid Nespresso machine with Nespresso’s Aeroccino milk frother to allow you to make silky milk-based coffees at home as well – it is not just an espresso exclusive.

Should I Buy a KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso?

The parts that make up the KitchenAid Nespresso are predominantly die cast from both zinc and aluminium, and as a result can often be extremely sturdy and reliable. Naturally nothing is ever 100% but the finish truly is superb and this is what you’d be paying the extra for on the price tag.

If you’re after a premium finish or want a Nespresso machine that looks fantastic and is extremely reliable in your kitchen, then look no further than the KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso if it’s pure high quality that you’re after.

On the other hand, if you only care about the end result in terms of coffee then some of the other Nespresso models such as the CitiZ, Pixie and U may be more suitable as they’re a cheaper price but for a very similar product.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful! If you are considering buying your own KitchenAid Nespresso coffee machine you can check out the links below.

Nespresso Prodigio: The Connected Machine is Here!

Nespresso Prodigio Titan

The Nespresso Coffee Machine Your Phone Can Control

The new Nespresso Prodigio connected coffee machine has just been released, and marks a bit of a sign of the times as far as home appliances are concerned. While the internet of things and more appliances at home being automated has become ‘headline news’ for the last few years now, the newest line of coffee machines from Nespresso allows us to pre-program our morning coffee for whenever we choose to wake up!

Coffee Using an App on Your Smartphone

The Nespresso Prodigio is controlled using the My Prodigio app, which you should check to make sure is compatible with your smartphone. Not all smartphones work with Nespresso’s Prodigio (although the vast majority will), but given the entire point of this particular Nespresso machine is to use your phone, you really want to ensure compatibility first!

You’ll see the home screen looking a bit like this – very minimalist but also great and not complicated.

Nespresso Prodigio App

An internal diagnostic tool allows you to glance at whether there’s any internal issue with the machine, if you need to order more capsules and whether the water levels are okay to make a coffee. For example, the Prodigio will tell you if your machine needs de-scaling.

After this, you can move into the “Set schedule” screen to plan your morning coffee for the next day, or perhaps one when you come back home from work or similar.

Nespresso Prodigio Timer

You can use a Ristretto (25ml of water), Espresso (40ml of water) or Lungo (110ml of water) for cup size, and the scroll wheel allows you to choose a time to schedule your coffee. The scroll wheel is intuitive to use and is a simple circular design representing the hours in a day – simply set your timer for whenever suits you and press the “Schedule brew” button.

Nespresso Prodigio Schedule

The process is semi-automatic at best though, because ultimately you still need to make sure a cup is underneath the machine and that there’s a Nespresso coffee capsule inserted in the top of it – but this bit of forward planning is relatively minimal.

Nespresso Prodigio Colours and Styles

The Prodigio initially comes in two colours: Silver and Titan, designed to suit the environment the machine is sat in whether it’s light or dark (or whether you want your machine to blend in or stand out).

There are also two styles of machine, the normal Prodigio and the Prodigio & Milk, which comes with an Aeroccino system to help you froth the perfect cup of milk to complement your coffee. However, please note that making the milk for your coffee has to be done manually and this part cannot yet be automated with the Prodigio’s automated brewing system.

Stock System Makes Sure You Never Run Out of Nespresso Capsules

One useful aspect of the app is being able to see how many coffee capsules you have left, so you don’t run out accidentally. If you click into the “Capsules” screen you’ll see an estimate (usually correct since it goes off of how many times you make a coffee, so you assume you put a capsule in each time) of how many capsules you have remaining.

Nespresso Prodigio Order Capsules

From this screen in the app you can directly order new capsules from Nespresso, which is handy when you know your stock / supply is getting low. However, note that the number displayed is based on your orders via Nespresso directly. If you order Nespresso coffee capsules from Amazon, a third party capsule provider or just buy them directly from a shop, the app cannot automatically update your stock level.

That’s why there’s a plus and minus button either side of your estimated number of capsules left – so that you can add any other capsules you buy elsewhere to your total in the app.

One unfortunate side-effect of having a simplified number of capsules left is that you can’t really split it out. For example, if you have 10 of one Nespresso capsule and 10 of another, there’s no way of knowing how many of each flavour you have left, of course – just the total number.

Nespresso Prodigio Review: the Pros and Cons

The Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine is an excellent example of how increasing connectivity in our home appliances is designed to make our lives easier. It will attract lots of people who enjoy being early adopters of technology, and for people who are more night owls than early morning risers the automatic coffee in the morning will be a welcome way to start their day.

On the flip side, however, the process is far from fully automated still – cups, water, milk etc. still have to be done manually the night before, so to some that don’t mind actually pressing the button and getting their accessories ready in the morning, the ability to schedule a brew can be seen as a bit of a gimmick. It also depends highly on your schedule, and whether or not for example you can commit to having a coffee while it’s hot if you set it for a particular time. Otherwise, hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock could mean a cold Nespresso!

Finally, not all smartphones are supported (although most tech savvy people will have a smartphone that’s compatible we’re sure) – so it will definitely pay to do your homework and ensure the Prodigio is the right machine for you and your phone before making a purchase.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, the Nespresso Prodigio is a great option for “non-morning people” to schedule their coffee, or for someone to save a bit of time when coming back from a lunch break or from work to a welcome brew. It’s a step in the right direction for the Internet of Things and home appliances in general, and soon we’ll be able to do a lot more with these machines as well.

For those with less-set lifestyles and schedules, or those who don’t mind the extra time / effort to make a brew themselves, most of what sells the Prodigio could be seen as a bit of a gimmick. However, for the equivalent price there are plenty of other Nespresso machines to consider if automating your morning coffee isn’t high up on your priority list.

In short, the Prodigio does admittedly cater to a very niche audience – but if you’re part of this niche audience, we have no doubt you’ll love it to bits.

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